So since I posted about my unusual encounter with a co-worker, I thought it would be fun to share more stories on the same subject. This time it will be in relation to a guy I kinda dated (still unsure if I can call it ‘dating’, but might as well). Rather than tell you the whole story and write an entire book about it, and trust me with the amount that I talk it wouldn’t be hard, I will just share with you the lessons that I’ve learned from this failed romance that occurred over a year ago.

  • When a guy gives you a choice for the date, never choose an in a middle of nowhere kinda location.

So before I left to live in London, the guy said we should meet up. However, our time availability was completely different, and it was impossible to make daytime arrangements. I offered to see him after he finishes work, which was around 9pm. Knowing that I am super indecisive, he thought it would be funny to let me pick our meeting spot. I chose to meet at the beach. Seriously though, I don’t know what I was thinking, it was such a stupid choice. A) It was awkward because the night was beautiful, the stars were amazing, and we were having a conversation how he can’t do long distance relationship… The most romantic atmosphere was clouded with the words that he was saying, and yet there was too much attraction going on (probably again influenced by a pretty amazing setting). Anyway, you get the point that it was awkward. B) I had to wait for him at the beach for ages cause he was running late. After sitting in a silent beach, I got scared when he shouted hello to me from afar. Without thinking much, I went up to meet him, and guess what? I fell down the dune because I was stupid enough not to realise it was too steep. Bruised my leg all over, but try to act cool when I met him. He asked me why it took me so long to come up – I pretended that I followed an odd path (though in reality I was trying to get out of a bush after falling over).

  • Never attempt to kiss a guy that you work with while still at work and doing the same shift.

Right, let’s just say that our ‘dating’ was all over the place and there was no clarity in it in any shape or form. Being a typical girl who spent too much time thinking about what we were, I made a stupid decision. Half way through our shift, when we were both on a break, I asked X to come outside for a second… And I went for a kiss. Which he rejected by turning his face, so I would end up kissing his cheek. It was so embarrassing that I wanted to be a turtle and hide under the shell for at least the rest of that shift. Major regrets.

  • Don’t go to work straight after you stayed over at the guy’s place. Walk of shame is bad, but it’s worse when you go straight to work where everyone knows where you’ve been.

Partly cause I did like the guy I ended up spending my NYE with people from work, including him. Him and his friends ended up dressing up. To be more precise, he had a blue paint all over himself. Things got a bit out of hand at the party, and we started flirting. Obviously a suggestion followed to stay at his place (I gathered it was a big deal cause apparently he never allowed any girl to stay over because of his mum). The only, at that point fairly insignificant, issue was that I had to start work pretty early the next morning. That was the time when I regretted my eager wish to save up more money (I offered myself to do an extra shift on New Year’s Day, probably for the sake of thinking that I can buy more clothes once I am back in London…). Like I said, the guy had blue paint all over him. I wish the paint was better quality because more than half of it ended up being on me the next morning. I had no time to take shower in his place, and couldn’t get back home before starting work. I missed the train, so had to call a taxi to get to work (don’t want to remember my conversation with the driver while I tried to prove to him that I am not hangover and I certainly am not doing a walk of shame). The worst part was when I got to work and everyone knew why I was covered in a blue paint. The damn paint just wouldn’t wash off. I’ve never felt worse for being a number one topic at work. Oh well, life goes on.

Now when I think about this ‘thing’ that I had with this guy, I want to cringe because I did SO many things to turn around the cards to go my way. And let’s be honest it was waste of my energy and time. In addition to these little stories that I shared, there is a lot of other stories that I ended up having with this guy, but the conclusion is the same. It was one of those cases when I knew he wasn’t that great and was not worth it, yet I was always doing crazy things to get his attention or spend some time with him. Jokes aside, on a real note, no girl should try that hard to make the guy miss her or want to see her.



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