Yeah, you read it right – ‘dukes of seafood’ was my search on Facebook. Don’t ask me ‘why’. No idea. Don’t even ask me what was the state of my mind at that moment. Don’t know that either. But apparently I was really, really drunk because last night is a blur to me. The morning after, I wake up dressed in a jumper because my drunk self thought there is no logical reason to wear a normal t-shirt, if I am incapable to find my pyjamas, when it is so stuffy in the flat (thanks to summers in London where opening your window to its max doesn’t help), so clearly a jumper was a great idea. So with a bit of a head ache (at least I wasn’t dying) I saw my jacket and heels next to my bed. And then it hit me… I didn’t even remember how I opened the door or how I took my jacket from the cloak room.

I think I can be classified more as the type who goes out and is mostly sober. I am always the one who remembers everything and I am one of the most boring people to go out with. However, I do wonder what is a better option, have the night of your life and let yourself get loose because you won’t remember how you were slut-dropping the night before, or be the one who laughs at her friends while they are acting crazy and orders uber back home.

My friend has mastered the whole going out routine. She pre drinks like a pro, has crazy nights out and then has full capability to get her coat, order an uber, open the doors AND do a proper skincare routine once she is back. And I mean a 3am make up removing without a face wipe, face cleanse, tooth brushing, moisturising, you get the idea. The girl always surprises me (okay, maybe not any more since she is the most on point person that I know), but one I cannot deny – damn do I wish that this girl was me. In that case I would go full blast on all nights out that I have.

Oh well, I guess when you are in your 20s, single and living in one of best cities to live in, you gotta just risk those blank nights out for the sake of having fun. Or not, since you don’t remember anything anyway, so technically you don’t know what fun you had. Unless your friends tell you, which is 99.9% gonna be embarrassing. So, I will get back to you on my conclusion about how full on one should be on a night out. Meanwhile, I will just once again ignore that message from a random guy that I met last night. Apparently I am friends with him on Facebook. Who knows, maybe it was him that I had a conversation about the dukes of seafood… That shall remain as a mystery.



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