Let’s talk about Tinder. After 381 matches (I swear I am not always on it, honestly), I think I am qualified to chat about it. Or maybe not so qualified, since I can count the number of the dates I went on my one hand. Perhaps the number of guys that message was slightly higher, but still maybe 1/4 of those 381 matches.

So, what is the purpose of Tinder? Is it a way to get a one night stand, start friends with benefits, find one and only true love or it is merely a device to occasionally pick up the pieces of your ego when it gets wounded? I have heard how people go on multiple dates, and some have found a long-term boyfriends. It’s a fair play, but still the potential of this site feels unfulfilled. Whether you agree with me or not, I think the purpose of Tinder is for an ego boost, which is pretty upsetting in many ways. Single people could use this site for much more, whether it was to find a long term partner or have a bit of fun, I don’t think there is anything wrong with people doing either. However, what I gather is that majority just do nothing. Can’t help it but think how many missed out opportunities there’s floating along within this network.

Since I am, let’s be real, not the one to go for one night stands, I tend to ignore the messages send from guys hinting at coming over to ‘watch a movie’. However, at least they are out there and are straightforward with what they want. Hence, they use the app. In the description there are no rules who can use it as it’s just a ‘dating app’. Confession number two, I am fairly traditional and don’t like messaging guys first. It’s something I try to start changing, but my personal experience always leads to unsuccessful stories, so I am not a fan of that. I much prefer to wait until the guy messages me, and thus gives me a hint that I caught his interest. Although Tinder is just an app, requiring no direct contact to start off with – barely any guys tend to message. I think the lesson goes to both males and females, why not use the app, since it’s out there with a fairly big popularity ranking, to at least have a nice/funny/weird conversation with a stranger? No one will point a finger at you cause all you do is give a shot with that attractive match that you made. If it doesn’t work, it’s easy – unmatch or just stop the communication. I am sure no one is going to get hurt. As hypocritical as I sound, I think it’s a shame for us to be wasting the time on the app by not even attempting to get anything out of it.

If I am right, and Tinder is primarily used for the boost of ego then it is not the best conclusion that one can make. It adds so much artificiality to this app because people solely judge you on the looks (let’s admit it, we don’t pay that much attention to the description box). Is having a greater number of matches meant to boost your ego because you’re that good looking that X number of people matched with you? Surely we should attempt to increase our confidence through real-life experiences, such as healthy living to look our best, hard work to grow within our careers ect. Use of dating app to boost your confidence is so short-term and pointless cause it practically means nothing.

So, that’s what I’ve got in terms of my thoughts about Tinder. Having matched with 381 men and going on dates with merely 5, I think it is not used to what is the potential of it. If anything, it is misused by a fake mask of a common assumption that it helps to boost your ego.

Have a good Sunday,





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