So, yesterday I voluntarily gave my iphone 6 to a stranger. Or maybe I should rephrase it… I basically allowed him and his buddy to steal my phone while I was giving him the directions how to get to St Pancras Station (I hope you got there buddy, eventually). I say that I gave it voluntarily because at the back of my mind, I didn’t even assume that someone would come up to me in a cafe, pretend like they don’t speak English and after physically putting a London underground map  so close to my face that I could barely breathe (or on that matter see my unfinished Wasabi plate), my phone just disappeared. Magic. They must have ‘gone’ to King’s Cross station cause they were running late to start the term at Hogwards or something like that… Harry Potter jokes aside, I am pretty gutted. And I miss my phone. And I am, once again, disappointed in the humanity.

The worst feeling, of course after understanding that my phone no longer can be found through ‘Find my phone’ app, is that one can try and do a good deed, but that doesn’t mean one will get the same back. I assumed that the thief didn’t speak English and was kinda lost. I offered to even write on that damn map the directions for him. And this all happened while his buddy in a black leather jacket was stealing my phone from below the map. But you know what else sucks? Right next to me and my friend there was another man, who must have clearly seen what was happening next to him (let’s be real, we see more than we let people know when it comes to our surroundings, we are all noisy creatures after all), yet he did not even say anything. Suddenly after myself and my friend realised what happened, the stranger next to us just showed the direction they went to. Thanks, as if I didn’t see it myself. Sir, you are a bastard. What else can I say.

It’s okay, I will downgrade myself and get a cheaper phone until my contract ends. And it’s fine, up until I can even afford to get a cheap phone – I will just be phoneless and clueless, fake Londoner looking for places without the City Mapper app. Also, I can put a bet on the fact that if someone comes up to me and asks for help, I will help them again. No matter how stupid it is, that is what I do. I am a naive, 5.2ft girl who has hope that maybe there’s at least a few people in London who are worth helping for. And to you, my dear thief – I do really really hate you right now. But I hope that whatever reason you had to steal my iphone – sort it out. Feed your siblings. Pay your bills so you don’t become homeless. Sort out your deportation issues. Whatever it is, at least use this money as your prize from a charity to get your life together. Or start going that direction, anyway. It’s never too late.

R.I.P. my iphone with a newly bought see-through case. I just replaced it the very same day.

p.s. I still struggle to understand why people would do this.

Enjoy your Sunday,






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