Or you can just summarise it as a mess. Here I am, sitting on my coverless bed, surrounded by a lot of random crap which I just don’t have a clue where to put, and throwing it away kinda feels like too much. Or maybe my arms are just at the red signal for now after countless, full bin bags were carried out from my flat. Yes, you got it – I am moving out. In fact, right this second I should be sweeping all the dust and cleaning our mirrors because clerk will come any time.

It sounds all pretty exciting, moving into a new apartment, just before my final year at uni starts and days after I began training for my part time jobs. But in my experience, somehow my life always gets messy. No matter how cautious I am. Can you relate? I hope so. Don’t want to be a loner here because that’s just not fun. And kinda depressing.

Basically after my over dramatised previous post in terms of how I got my phone stolen… I will update you and let you know that it sucks. I am an utter idiot who noted down the wrong reference number for the crime, and at this time I need to pass on the reference number to see if anything can be done with my dad’s insurance. But I don’t have a phone to ring the police station, obviously. My flatmates are all gone and won’t be back any time soon. My friends all live not walking distance from me, so my only option is to travel and arrange to see my friends in order to make a phone call. And it’s probably not even gonna be longer than 2 min phone call. Effort. And no time for that extra effort. Or money.

It would all be fairly okay if I had the finances. That’s where the real problem appears. I was off from work for almost a month. I am moving into a new flat – you know what the London prices are like once you include a month worth of rent, plus deposit and admin fees. It’s expensive. I got just enough in my student overdraft to pay for my new place, waiting for the agency’s email any time now. However, there’s no money for anything else. Literally, I reached the point when I can’t even buy myself vanilla late at Starbucks cause it’s too expensive. Or feel worried about getting on the tube/buses too many times per day (or any times at all) because it costs money. Yesterday I spoke to my parents about how hard I find it to be phoneless, and obviously they suggested for me to get a temporary £10 phone for a couple weeks or so. You should have heard me replying to them that currently £10 are out of my budget. I think I’ve reached my peak, and to be really honest with you it’s not pleasant. I never felt like a proper student, up until now.

Being as creative as I am, I searched on google what options I have to get cash, asap. Nothing suits after all this time researching but there were options. I am just not prepared to go to these lengths. A) I could give away my organs – apparently you get a solid amount of cash for kidney; B) I could get a Sugar Daddy. And I did consider it, even got my own account, until I deleted it. Not sure if I am the type for this kinda beneficial relationship or however you can call it. And here I am, realising that searching for drastic ways to get money for another week means I reached my peak. Or maybe I am just exploring my options, who knows.

It is funny and ironic how when you need something the most, at that very specific time, you don’t get it. Let’s say you really want to have a boyfriend, so just keep wishing girl because that ain’t going to happen unless you stop looking. In a similar way, when you need money then usually there is that silent moment in your bank account when no money comes in. But then it all comes through at once. That is me right here. In a matter of one week I will get my previous deposit back, student finances will come through, my asos refund will reach me AND I will get paid for two jobs. Oh, why can’t one of them happen this week. Please.

On the other subject, I am going to be homeless for a week. Well, maybe that sounds a bit drastic, but I don’t have my own room for a week until I can move into the new place. I am blessed to have friends who I can spend that week with, but the point is still the same. I need to drag all my stuff to my friend’s flat, and I don’t have cash for an uber so there will be me, a well-acknowledged midget, trying to carry my overweight and nearly at its last days suitcase with a bunch of random bags full of stuff that I just can’t bin. And after that one week I will need to do it all again, but going to my new place. So much hassle. And I like my own bed.

My friend L was laughing at me earlier today. She advised me to find a man to help me. Great advice, pretty unlikely though. I mean I am talking to this guy who seems to be nice, fun, interesting but he is not even in the country right now. And you know how every guy always has something wrong with him, even if it is not apparent at the beginning? Well I was debating what could be wrong with him. And I got it… He is going to Brighton to study masters, meaning he won’t be in London for the next year. Brilliant. I see this dating scenario going far. On another note, I had a guy message me on a dating app ‘N8 9ND, interested?’, and it took me a couple mins to realise what he was saying. Smooth line Mr Come Over to My Place, very smooth. Maybe I should try to use the same technique, give my postcode to a guy and ask if he is interested? Obviously to help me to transport my heavy stuff. Genius.

So, here I am, sitting on my bed with a pot of noodles next to me and thinking how I reached this stage. I have been on pot noodles diet for the last two weeks. My phone has been stolen for three days now. My relationship status is still firmly going as single. My student overdraft is basically at its maximum. I don’t have a spare £2.75 for my Vanilla latte nor even £1.50 for a bus ride. Peak times guys, peak times for sure.

I will keep you updated, currently I am looking for a rainbow to emerge across the rainy clouds.



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