Okay, first I will say something completely out of topic… Somehow every post I draft or share has a tendency to start with ‘you know…’, ‘so…’ – and I genuinely don’t have a clue why. I am just drawn to start it that why, and don’t think I want to switch it around cause it’s part of my writing style, if such exists.

Anyway, my uni society co-operated with another London’s society to carry out political debates prior to the upcoming government elections in Lithuania. Rushing straight from finishing my shift at work, I made it to the second half of the debates. The whole thing was pretty damn successful. BUT obviously I had an awkward moment. Basically, I matched with a guy on tinder who was Lithuanian and I kind of knew of  him (not personally) through our mutual friends. However, we didn’t really talk on tinder apart from greeting each other. And that’s it. So guess what? As I look around the lecture theatre (was lucky to have my well placed table with seats from where I can see everyone), I make an eye contact with that stranger, or not such stranger, and in that moment I pretty much knew that he knew what I knew. As I was picking up an excessive amounts of leaflets after the debates, he obviously had to stick around. Another awkward eye contact. No verbal communications. As he was leaving we exchanged awkward ‘hello’. Obviously, he had to be at the pub during the social post-debates… After a few pints of beer and awkward passing by moments, he actually came up to chat. So now we know each other. And technically we are friends on facebook – so that means friendship right? The guy is kinda cute, but I don’t know if there’s anything to it, though we talked for an hour at the pub. So a girl can come up with a god-knows-based-on-what theory that he likes me. Or maybe he was just friendly, which is obviously more likely. Also, did I tell you? My friend is having his birthday drinks this weekend, and the new friend is invited too. So I will keep you updated!

On the other news, so my good old home friend/almost the guy I used to date, messaged me too. Well actually he is not my good old home friend. I mean can you call like that someone who’s house you visited over New Year’s Eve and then awkwardly left the next morning. Just to not hear back from him and receive the look that we are not even acquainted. Anyway, we were meant to ‘catch up’ when I was visiting my family in Cornwall. But then it took him over a month to reply to my message. Fair shout, tell me you didn’t have 3G or wi-fi but please, it’s been a month and I’ve seen you multiple times online. Sure, it is hard to draft a message to reply. And knowing how naive I am, I see what he did there – not this time Mr A. Also, somehow he felt it was appropriate to let me know that he moved into a place of his own. AND that we should catch up on Friday (thanks for forgetting that I am like 6 hours away by train). Yeah I am pretty sure he is interested to know how’s my family doing and what I’ve been up to. Or not.

I’ve got more dating updates. So, I decided to test the Inner Circle app. And you know, I actually really don’t like it. Okay, I have met quite a cute guy on it and we did have some nice conversations (let’s ignore that he moved to Brighton to do his masters, typically my luck). However, overall the app is kinda rubbish. Maybe it works for those who are older, but for someone who is in her early 20s, and doesn’t fancy to date someone older than 25 – the app is not ideal. You keep getting winks and messages from the guys who are well into their mid 30s, and you can’t do anything. Overall, the app is a disappointment in terms of that. Also in order to see who winked you (what a mystery) or who with you have a match, one needs to pay £5 per week. I am sorry, I am not paying. And anyway, I don’t think online dating is that good despite my consistent some sort of involvement in it.

Enough of my own love updates… My good friend is having some of her own. And I am in a middle of the project that has an aim to stop her from any interaction to do with a guy, who I think is an asshole. Actually, everyone else I’ve spoken to, apart from my friend L obviously, think that he is a no no. Now I am trying to convince her of that. Yet, she is still hoping that his ‘I care about you’ attitude will appear, even though it didn’t for the last year. Let’s talk about girls and how much they can convince themselves that the guy is going to change and they should just keep on trying. We should be realistic and when we date accept the person that we date without wanting to change anything about the other person. If whoever you are dating is acting specific way or has certain views, it is unlikely you can change that. And if that doesn’t suit you – what’s the point of dating them? And, especially, when a guy doesn’t care you can’t make him. It simply doesn’t work.

So here’s an update in terms of love life. What’s your update?

Sandra XO



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