Your girlfriends know better

Let’s just say, when your girlfriend tells you that that guy is an asshole/idiot/player or a mess or whatever it is… Then just go with it, and don’t get invested. I am having my pride issues to admit to one of my closest friends that she was right, and he is not the one. Perhaps she will never hear me say it, but at least I’ve learned the lesson. Until the next time.

Here I am, lying in my bed with some chocolate, tangerines (couldn’t resist to their smell in the market, and Christmas is soon after all) and a book. Minus the mind full of questions and ‘what if’ scenarios, self-blame, and over analysing. Weirdly, my chocolate is lying there untouched, which feels like a bizarre concept to someone with a sweet tooth. So let’s say getting over a guy can work out for a better, at least I might get into shape before those Christmas parties come. And then gain it all back again, obviously!

Since my chocolate mania went on a break, I hope so will my phone one too. Like most of us, I check insta and facebook regularly, but have issues with replying. I still haven’t answered to those messages I received two weeks ago from my friends saying happy birthday, even though I love them all to bits. And here I am, avoiding facebook now because I am too scared to see that the frenchie (no capital to be put there) is online. You know, if he is then I will get sad for not getting that message (a reply wouldn’t take me two weeks in this case). On the other hand, if I will spot that he’s been not active for several hours, I will question who he is with or what he is doing. You know the drill.. So yeah, thank you frenchie for letting me detox from facebook, at least.

The morale of my most recent romantic encounter, or perhaps two ongoing which ended pretty much on the same day (there were two and then there’s no more), is that a girl should always have respect and pride attached to her. If you won’t respect your self and your beliefs, then who else will?

So au revoir to the frenchie with a cute accent and a cheeky smile (even though my girlfriends say he is not that good looking and I am much better than him, and I should trust them – right?), let’s wait till we see each other next time at one of those rough uni clubs.

Sandra XO



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