So, today was not really that eventful. Yet, I think I’ve learned a couple lessons that I won’t repeat again. Hm, maybe until I forget about them and then they will be fresh and like brand new when I learn them again.

Home feels lonely. Not that I am used to spending much time in the flat since I am always late somewhere and doing God knows what and God knows where, but at the moment my flatmates are gone home for Christmas, and here I am. Alone in our typical student flat, just me and our mouse. Or the guy from the agency says that the mouse is gone now. So I guess that means I am totally alone. At least I’ve got an empty fridge to myself, though I don’t really cook so not much use, is it.

On the other news, I am doing my Christmas shopping this week. The same week as an actual Christmas is taking place. And, like every year, I am promising myself to never do it again. Not the actual Christmas present shopping ceremony, but leave it to the last min. It’s just horrible, and living in London makes it million times worse. I knew it was gonna be a bad day when I was walking to start off my shopping, and a bird literally pooed right next to me. Yes, I am lucky it didn’t poo on me but it was so damn close. And I wore my new scarf today, so I would have cried.

Also, while having my fun down the Oxford Street, I decided to multi task, so I decided to eat my chocolate croissant while walking. Not doing this again. The croissant was great, really but while I was munching on it (and I mean stuffing my face with it), a cute guy walked passed me and turned around at the worse time possible. We made an eye contact, but perhaps it was not that magical moment when you are so close to saying hi and exchanging a few words. I don’t think I could have even smiled, unless he somehow found girls with chocolate and pastry on their teeth attractive. Probably not.

Here I am, currently lying in bed surrounded by wrapping paper and glittery ribbons. At least going to wrap my presents not a night before it’s Christmas. See, maybe I am learning something!

Farewell a guy with a cute smile. 

And thank you bird for not pooing on me. Appreciate it.

Till the next time




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