That one time you sent a picture of a guy to that very same guy


Embarrassing, isn’t it. As the guy had said – I got busted big time. But I guess one should have some skills to send the guy’s that you’re talking to screenshot of his profile picture to him. All girls do it, so let’s not deny it,, but admitting to the guy that you think is cute the reason why you did what you did is kinda a bit embarrassing. Yeah, I found it hilarious in a sense and will laugh about it whenever I tell me friends about it. But right then, I wanted to erase the moment for a second or block him and forget I had anything to do with him. But I guess he was cute, at the end of the day, so I decided against such decision. Believe it or not, we are still talking.


You know what was the worst part of it? I was waiting for this guy to give me a phone call as he gets signal. So I spent about 5 minutes dying inside, googling if there is a way to delete a message on whatsapp that had been sent but not delivered yet (in case if you want to know, no there isn’t) as well as messaging anyone who is prompt to reply from my friends, seeking for this random, yet hilarious to them, advice. Confronting a guy over the phone was worse than just replying to his texts. But hey, at least I guess he took the whole thing as a compliment. At the end of a day I boosted his ego and foolishly admitted my interest in him. Unintentionally, of course. Because what girl does not like to play these games where you think telling a guy you are interested is not fun so you need to always beat around the bush, waiting for him to make the first move.


Lesson learned = in the future I will check twice or more if needed that I am sending the right attachments to the right people. Trust me, I will.


Talk soon,




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